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If you prefer to patronize indie eco-friendly companies you'll love Affordable Mineral Makeup (AMM) - A small company selling a huge selection of bismuth free mineral makeup. All of their minerals are available in a variety of sizes from samples to extra large sizes.

Affordable Mineral Makeup

They have 16 different foundation shades - Here is a guide to select the right color Affordable Mineral Foundation.

AMM cosmetics have only four Ingredients - Titanium Dioxide provides waterproof and SPF properties while providing a Matte look, Mica has some transparent properties and allows the makeup to go on smoothly, Iron Oxides give the makeup its color, Zinc Oxide is known for its healing properties in problem skin such as rosacea and acne, it has the ability to stay on even while sweating and swimming, as well as offers protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.   It does not contain Bismuth, corn starch or any other fillers.

More from AMM - All mineral makeup is multi-purpose and very versatile.  It is micro-formulated using the highest quality minerals and botanicals; being naturally preservative and irritant-free it is also weightless and incredibly long-wearing.   It will not clog pores, it has a naturally high SPF, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin with its zinc content, and is water resistant.  It provides excellent coverage, freeing you to do more than worry about touch ups.

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