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Bare Minerals EyelinerBare Minerals Liner Shadow are much more intense colors and are probably most suited for the hard core Mineral Makeup user and not the casual makeup wearer. There is no doubt that an eyeliner pencil is much easier to apply, but mineral eyeliner shadows offer a wide range of color and intensity options. This brings almost endless options for you.

They can be worn dry, for a subtle, smokey look. You can add a tiny drop of water and get a smoother line and more intense color. My favorite option is to mix it with a tiny bit of eye makeup primer to create an intense, long lasting liner. Bare Escentuals sells a Weather Everything Liner Sealer and some users report great results with using Visine eye drops to moisten the powder.

In addition to the wide range of color options and looks, the liner minerals are very easy on sensitive eyes and are long lasting. To get a perfect line, be sure and get the right Eyeliner Brush - you need a very thin brush. If you use the makeup primer to mix with your liner, it will last until you wash it off - so it is a great option for outdoor activites, events and special occasions when you might shed a tear or two.

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Although there is a good selection of liner shadows - this is not an area that receives a lot of attention. Many of the colors have been around a very long time and not a whole lot of colors are introduced on a regular basis. Since it only takes a tiny bit to line your eyes, one pot will last you a very, very long time - in the long run, it probably is the least expensive eyeliner on the market.

Where to Buy Bare Minerals Liner Shadows:
Here are the online stores that have liner shadows. In addition, you can also find them on Amazon and eBay.




Some of the discontinued and limited edition liners are only available in eBay. Also, liner shadows that were sold in kits are often available at a discount. Here are the current listings on eBay:

Bare Minerals Eyeliner Application Tips

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