Bismuth in Mineral Makeup

Bismuth in Mineral Makeup

Is bismuth in mineral makeup problematic? It is for some users.  Two of the most common complaints can be attributed to one ingredient, Bismuth.  Bismuth is the main ingredient in Pepto-Bismol!

For most users, the bismuth poses absolutely no problems and they love their minerals just the way they are. For some users, the bismuth causes itching, especially if they get very warm and/or their face sweats. Another effect of bismuth in mineral makeup is the "glow" that some users love and some hate.  It seems to me that users that tend to have oilier skin do not like the "glow" and prefer a more matte finish.

You can tone down the glow (or the shine) with extra buffing and/or a Finishing Veil.  If you still do not get the results you like, or itching is a problem (which can also be diminished by applying it before the foundation), you may want to try a Makeup Primer or a Bismuth Free Foundation.

Why is Bismuth in Mineral Makeup?

In addition to the sheen, Bismuth also gives the product a very smooth feeling, helps it go on smoother and helps it stay on longer.

Is Bismuth Safe to Use?

Many people want to know is it safe to use? The FDA has approved it as safe to use in cosmetics. It is used in many, many formulations - just in much higher concentrations in mineral products. Unless you have sensitive skin, or have a reaction to it, it should be fine to use. Some people with sensitive skin have reported reactions to it - from mild to severe. But most use it without any problems at all. I have noticed that some individuals are making some pretty outlandish claims about the "dangers" of it. I also noticed that these people just happen to sell bismuth free cosmetics, so always consider the source! Like many of these pretty extreme "warnings" there is no scientific proof or evidence. People who try to motivate you to do something using fear are not your friends!

Bismuth Free Foundations 
These brands do not include bismuth: 
Traditional Loose Foundations Without Bismuth Oxychloride:

Mineral Hygienics 

Jane Iredale 

bareMinerals Matte Foundation

Serious Skin Care Foundation

Other Bismuth Free Formulations:

GloMinerals Liquid Foundation

Illuminare Liquid Foundations 

Laura Geller Makeup 

Mary Kay 

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