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Colorescience Sunforgettable Colorescience Sunforgettable is a very popular line of powdered mineral sunscreen made by Colorescience. It can be safely and easily be used by adults (men and women) as well as children.

Mineral sunscreens have several advantages. They provide full spectrum UVA/UVB coverage without chemicals. It is also effective immediately - you do not have to wait 20 minutes like you do with the chemical sunscreens. Also Colorescience Sunforgettable is waterproof - the company states it is waterproof for up to six hours in the water.

The Sunforgettable products all consist of the same SPF 30 powder available in six different shades in four different applicators - a powder brush, a roller ball, a shaker and an orb.

The products contain an SPF of 30 and the ingredients are:
Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 12%, Zinc Oxide 12%
Inactive Ingredients: Bismuth Oxychloride, Calcium Silicate, Corallina Officianalis, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/ Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer, Iron Oxide, Manganese Violet, Mica, Titanium Dioxide.

Colorescience SunforgettableThey are effective immediately upon application – so you don't have to wait like you do with many creams. They also claim to be “very water resistant”. I love the thought of a powder because I have very sensitive eyes & most sunscreen irritates my eyes. It is also a Godsend for people with acne & sensitive skin who have found that sunscreen aggravates their skin issues.

This nearly invisible light weight mineral powder uses micronized minerals to offer the first SPF 30, all-clear, mineral powder with broad spectrum (UVA and UVB and Infrared) sun protection. This breakthrough formula provides physical sun protection with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and will not absorb into your skin. It is safe for all ages, can be used by men as well, is odor free and won’t rub off on your clothes.

Here are the six different shades - 3 matte and 3 Shimmer (or "Sparkly"):
Matte Shades
All Clear - The original all clear formula
Perfectly Clear contains a very slight translucent tan tint - perfect for pale skin that needs more color and glow
Almost Clear - A translucent tan tint for just that beautiful hint of sun kissed skin
Shimmer Shades
All Clear Sparkle - The original all clear formula with added sparkling glimmer.
Perfectly Clear Shimmer - Perfectly clear with added champagne sparkling glimmer.
Almost Clear Shimmer - Almost Clear with added sparkling bronze.

Sunforgettable Brush SPF 30
Sunforgettable Brush SPF 30 comes in the same applicator as Colorscience Mineral Makeup. This is a great sunscreen for the face and neck - you apply generously before sun exposure. This is also great to carry along with you so you can easily reapply as needed throughout the day. Refills are available and it comes in the six shades above.

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Other Colorescience Sunforgettable Products:

Sunforgettable Eyescreen SPF 30 (0.14 oz.)
Sunforgettable Eyescreen comes in a small blue orb with a brush and contains pink tinted Sunforgettable powder. The light pink powder brightens the eyes and helps to conceal dark circles and fine lines - so it serves as a concealer and sun protection for the delicate under eye skin.

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Sunforgettable Sun Salve SPF 30 (0.49 oz.)
Sunforgettable Lip Salve provides SPF 30 lip protection with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide along with Jojoba Oil, Coca Butter, Mango Butter, and Shea Butter to keep lips moisturized and hydrated. It also contains Spearmint Essential Oils to keep your lips cool and your breath fresh. It comes in three differenct colors - Naked (soft matte golden apricot), Nude (medium matte neutral mauve) and Au Nature (deep matte plum brown).

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Sunforgettable F.A.C.E. Liquid Foundation (1 fl oz.)
Sunforgettable F.A.C.E. Liquid Foundation is a liquid Mineral Foundation that has SPF 30 and also contains Retinol (Vitamin A), Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C, Titanium Dioxide, Dimethicone, and Vitamin E.

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