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Kabuki Mineral Makeup Brush

The Kabuki Mineral Makeup Brush is by far the most popular brush for the application of mineral foundation because of it provides heavier coverage.  The design and style of these brushes is inspired by those used by traditional Japanese Kabuki performers to create their distinctive and impressive makeup displays.

Kabuki Mineral Makeup Brush

Most Kabuki brushes provide medium to full coverage when used with mineral makeup foundation.  Here are some of the most popular Kabukis:

Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
The Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush is probably the most popular Kabuki.  It is large and does provide heavier coverage than most brushes.

Shop Direct For: Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush

Laura Geller Kabuki BrushLaura Geller Lucite Handle Kabuki Brush is my absolute favorite Kabuki.  It was available in a kit on QVC and can sometimes be found on eBay at a great price.

Bare Escentuals Baby Buki Brush

Bare Escentuals Baby Buki Brush is a smaller version of the regular Kabuki.  It has the same softness and control as the Bare Escentuals classic Kabuki Brush, only sized for easy access to smaller areas like the eyes. Made of 100 percent natural goat hair.

  • Shop Direct For: Bare Escentuals Baby Buki Brush

Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush

Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush is like the Baby Buki brush above, except it has a handle.  I really like this brush and find myself using it more and more.  I even like using it for foundation.

  • Shop Direct For: Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush

More info on these brushes: More on Mineral Makeup Brushes:

If you are looking for Kabuki brushes from Bare Escentuals bareMinerals or other well know retailers, look first on eBay, many users sell extra brushes from kits at a nice discount. Just make sure they are new and unused and the seller has great feedback.   Here is a sampling of Mineral Makeup Kabuki brushes on eBay:

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