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Laura Geller Makeup

Laura Geller Makeup is yet another brand made famous by QVC. Laura is a make up artist who has her own boutique in New York City and has been successfully presenting her cosmetics on QVC for many years

Laura Geller Makeup

While her makeup isn't mineral foundation in the true sense, many users love her baked powders, which can be used as foundation.  They are very easy to use, I use them on days when I am in a hurry (usually because I overslept!)

If you want to try a powder foundation, bust just aren't ready to go the mineral makeup route, or you are looking for an alternative to mineral foundation, you might want to take a look at these.

The product claims to even out your skin tone and give you a healthy glow. All three of these can be used in place of foundation, or over foundation.

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten is the original and most popular product. 
It is a baked powder with swirls of color that not only brighten your complexion, it has decent coverage as well.

It is available in both light and medium shades.

Laura Geller Bronze and Brighten is a darker color than above.  It is for medium to dark complexions or to be used as a bronzer.

Laura Geller Balance and Bronze is a Combination of the two colors above - as you can see from the photo - it is half and half. For light to medium, this is probably a better bronzer choice.


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There are great deals on eBay for Laura Geller products - people buy her kits and sell the items individually, usually at a price considerably less than retail.  Below are the current Laura Geller items on eBay. 

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