What is the Best Makeup for Acne? 

What is the Best Makeup for Acne?

What is the best Makeup for Acne?  I truly believe it is Mineral Makeup because it is all natural and doesn't clog pores and it even has natural ingredients that soothe and heal the skin. 

I suffered with adult acne for almost 20 years, at many times it was very severe.  As a professional woman I was always so embarrassed by my complexion and I would pile on the foundation every morning to try and hide the acne.  One day I decided to try mineral makeup and my acne began to clear up almost immediately!  After a few weeks my face was clear for good.

I realized that the foundation I was using to try and cover the acne was actually causing it!  I have been using it for over 15 years now and my face still breaks out if I use a regular liquid foundation, or any non-mineral foundation.

Many of the ingredients in Mineral Makeup are actually good for your skin.  Zinc soothes the skin and calms redness and irritation (it is the main ingredient in diaper oinmnent!)  The zinc along with titanium dioxide provide physical sun protection, a plus as chemical sunscreens can aggravate your acne.  Many formulas contain skin care ingredients like vitamins and green tea to help your skin heal and become healthier.

Because the ingredient bismuth is problematic for some users (I have used it for years with no problems but I don't have sensitive skin, just acne prone), I would recommend a bismuth free foundation if you have acne and want to try mineral makeup.  Also bismuth gives foundation a "glow" which many people with oily and problem skin don't like.  Here are the brands I would start with, you can read the reviews where many users talk about each product's effect on acne.

Recommended Makeup for Acne

Bismuth Free Foundations 
These brands do not include bismuth: 
Traditional Loose Foundations Without Bismuth Oxychloride:

Jane Iredale

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

Mineral Hygienics

Serious Skin Care Foundation

Jane Iredale calls itself the "skin care makeup" and has more positive reviews about improvements in skin and acne than any other.  It is on the expensive side, but if you can swing it, I would recommend starting there.

Other Bismuth Free Makeup for Acne:

Jane Iredale Pressed Foundation

GloMinerals Liquid Makeup

Laura Geller

Illuminare Liquid Foundations 

Speaking of acne, if you are interested, I created an all natural acne spray for my daughter.  I'm also a Registered Nurse and have spent over 20 years studying natural health.  You can read about it here - deMistify Acne Spray by NurseNaturals.  It also makes a fabulous finishing spray for your mineral makeup.  Just lightly spray your bush after you have applied your foundation and lightly go over your face.  The makeup just melts into your face and gives you flawless, acne fighting coverage that lasts all day.

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