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Here is information about the Mineral Makeup Brands reviewed at Mineral Makeup Reviews. All of the brands reviewed are listed. For a long time the list was alphabetical, but most people come to this site looking for the best mineral makeup, or the top mineral brand, so I reorganized the list to reflect what I feel are the four best mineral makeup brands, based on my own experience of almost ten years as a mineral makeup user and the input and reviews from thousands of website visitors over the last three years.

Mineral Makeup Brands

The Best Mineral Makeup
These are not only my favorite brands, they are consistently ranked highest by other visitors to Mineral makeup Reviews.

Mineral Hygienics Mineral Make Up Mineral Hygienics Mineral Make Up offers a very good selection of bismuth free mineral cosmetics. I am impressed with the staying power of this makeup, it stays on longer and better than any other I have tried.

Colorscience Mineral MakeupColorscience Mineral Makeup The creator of ColorScience is said to be the original creator of Bare Escentuals bareMinerals.  It comes in a unique "genie bottle" applicator.

Pur MineralsPUR Minerals is a pressed mineral foundation that gets rave reviews from users and is one of my favorites.

Bare Escentuals - Bare MineralsBare Escentuals
Because of their QVC exposure and long running infomercial, Bare Minerals is the best known mineral makeup and where most users start their mineral experience with bareMinerals.  They also have a much more comprehensive line of minerals, including Mineral Veil (which is their best selling product) and an extensive line of color mineral products for the face, cheeks and eyes.  They have even ventured into mineral based skin care, RareMinerals Nighttime Skin Revival Treatment.

Other Mineral Makeup Brands

Jane Iredale Mineral MakeupJane Iredale Mineral Makeup is sold in salons, spas and medical clinics throughout the world. They have both loose, pressed and liquid mineral foundations. It has added "skin care" ingredients and is frequently recommended by dermatologists.

Sheer Cover Mineral MakeupSheer Cover Mineral Makeup made famous by Leeza Gibbons and a long running infomercial. Many users prefer the matte finish over bareMineral's "glow".
GloMinerals Mineral MakeupGloMinerals Mineral Makeup

GloMinerals Mineral Makeup comes in 3 different formulations
Loose, pressed and liquid. They all have added vitamins and antioxidants.

Illuminare CosmeticsIlluminare Cosmetics
offers liquid mineral foundation with three different finishes moisturizing, ultra-matte and extra coverage.

Laura Geller MakeupLaura Geller Makeup
is another brand made famous by QVC.  While her makeup isn't mineral makeup in the true sense, many makeup users love her baked powders, which can be used as foundation.

Avon Mineral MakeupAvon Mineral Makeup Never one to be left behind, Avon introduced their mineral makeup, Smooth Mineral Makeup SPF 15, in the Fall of 2006.

Mary Kay Mineral MakeupMary Kay Mineral Makeup
is not your typical mineral makeup - the ingredients vary quite a bit from the other mineral foundations.

philosophy mineral makeup philosophy mineral makeup
has unique packaging - the container has a built in sponge applicator with a mirror on the top.

Serious Skin Care Mineral MakeupSerious Skin Care Mineral Makeup
has an awesome container and are already expanding into colors for the face and eyes.

Youngblood mineral makeupYoungblood Mineral Makeup
Youngblood Mineral Makeup is available in 3 formulations
Liquid, Loose and Pressed.

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