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MultiTasking id Bare Minerals

MultiTasking id Bare Minerals have a variety of uses. They include the Bisque family of products, natural light and well rested. There are currently three bisque shades - the original, honey and summer.

Bare Escentuals Bisque

Multi-Tasking Bisque Family

Multi-Tasking Bisque Family Uses:
Apply directly onto brown and red spots, blemishes, broken capillaries, scars and other skin imperfections. Can be used under or over foundation.

  • In the place of foundation
  • To lighten foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow base
  • Concealer for your face and around eyes
  • Summer Bisque & Honey Bisque contain SPF 20 for year round sun protection that won't sting your eyes like traditional creams and lotions
  • Bisque is for lighter complexions
  • Summer Bisque is for medium complexions
  • Honey Bisque is for darker complexions
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Well Rested

Originally an eyeshadow is now used by many as an all over eye base. The Yellow/Ivory shade perks up and brightens the eye area. Use all around the eyes before using eyeshadows.

Natural Light

Bare Escentuals Natural Light The newest member of the multitasking family, Bare Escentuals Natural Light Face Lifting Duo contains 2 different colors designed to brighten and give the appearance of a lift to areas of your face.

  • Well Lit - The lighter shade diffuses shadows around the nose folds, lip corners, below the bottom lip and lower half of the cheek.
  • Back Lit - The peachy shade gives a lift effect to the eye area above the brows, inner and outer corners of the eyes and on the high plane of the cheek bones.

  • Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Minerals

    Bare Escentuals Natural Light Face Lifting Duo

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