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Natural Mineral Makeup

The promise of Natural Mineral Makeup is what interests many users.  Is Mineral makeup Natural?  Some of it is natural, some has "unnatural", artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Natural Mineral Makeup

The original Mineral Foundations were all natural, with only four or five natural ingredients.  This, along with the beautiful results and many benefits are what drove many users to them, eventually bringing Mineral Makeup to the main stream, with perhaps the biggest trend the cosmetics industry has ever seen.  Over time more and more cosmetic companies created their own brand of mineral foundation, making mineral makeup available in department stores, drug stores and home parties.

The problem with this is that these newer (I call them "second generation") minerals are not all natural.  They are more like mineral based makeup, rather than pure mineral makeup.  That is fine, as long as you understand the difference and know what you are getting.  The problem is that many users have heard about the Benefits of Mineral Makeup and aren't aware that many brands have extra artificial ingredients - like preservatives, fillers, talc...

If you don't care about those things, no problem.  But if you want to stick with natural mineral makeup, learn to read the ingredients.  A pure mineral makeup should only have four or five ingredients - They are: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxides,  Zinc Oxide and Bismuth Oxychloride (optional).  Some companies add vitamins and skin care ingredients to their minerals - again it is up to you to decide.

Recommended Natural Mineral Makeup

If you are interested in finding minerals that are natural, here are my recommendations:

Mineral Hygienics Mineral Make Up Mineral Hygienics Mineral Make Up only has 4 ingredients and offers a very good selection of bismuth free mineral cosmetics. I am impressed with the staying power of this makeup, it stays on longer and better than any other I have tried.

Colorescience Mineral Makeup - Contains only 5 ingredients. Created by the original creator of Bare Minerals.

Jane Iredale Loose Mineral Makeup - Is called "the skin care makeup".  In addition to the natural minerals, also contains things like Algae Extract, and Pomegranate Extract.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals - Has only 5 ingredients (contains bismuth) - is the best selling mineral makeup and has a huge selection of products.

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