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Natural and Synthetic Makeup Brushes

What is the difference between Natural and Synthetic Makeup Brushes?

As a general rule, natural fibers are best for powders, synthetic fibers are best for creams.

Mineral Makeup Brushes

Natural bristles hold powder products most effectively because the hair has scales, which help to hold the makeup on the brush until you apply it.

Natural bristles can be single animal fibers or a mixture. The animal is brushed and the hair is gathered, grouped, color matched, and bound together to create a brush.

Less expensive brushes are more likely to have synthetic (Nylon and Taklon) fibers, which work best for creamy products like lipstick, but you'll also find brushes for brows and eyeliner with a synthetic bristle.  The most effect for concealing are also synthetic because they provide heavier coverage.

Some people are sensitive or allergic to the animal hair in natural brushes. Often they will blame the mineral makeup for their problem that is actually caused by a reaction to the animal hair. Obviously anyone with any types of sensitivities should stick with synthetic brushes.

More info on these brushes: More on Mineral Makeup Brushes:

Shopping For Makeup Brushes

I would recommend purchasing your brushes from the same seller as your other mineral makeup. They should have a good assortment and this will save you the expense of shipping & handling charges over purchasing them separately.

If you are looking for brushes from Bare Escentuals bareMinerals or other well know retailers, look first on eBay, many users sell extra brushes from kits at a nice discount. Just make sure they are new and unused and the seller has great feedback.   Here is a sampling of brushes on eBay:
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