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Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup, with spokesperson Leeza Gibbons, is prefered by many users. Although it has a similar coverage, many users prefer Sheer Cover's matte finish to the Bare Escentuals "gleam" - especially those with oily skin or enlarged pores.

Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation contain no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc - so they're gentle to the skin.
Pure mineral pigments lay on top of the skin to provide extraordinary coverage, while mica reflects light to minimize the look of fine lines and give skin a sheer, flawless finish.

The minerals work with your skin's natural oils to make imperfections disappear instantly, without looking thick, cakey or dull. You get a luminous, natural look that lasts and lasts.

Sheer Cover's natural minerals are very finely ground, light, easy to apply and cover all kinds of imperfections. They cover the flaws, and let the real you shine through. Sheer Cover is recommended for dark circles, age spots, freckles and sun damage - as well as other special cosmetic needs such as rosacea, scars, acne, and broken capillaries. With Sheer Cover virtually any skin imperfection seemingly disappears.

Having started my mineral makeup journey with BareMinerals, I was anxious to try Sheer Cover as soon as I discovered it. I was (and am) very impressed with it. I was able to get a perfect color match withe the medium kit. It gives great coverage and a really pretty matte finish. I also like all of the other products in the starter kit, especially the concealer and finishing powder. I wasn't crazy about the brushes and prefered to use my own.

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Sheer Cover Makeup

30 Day Starter Kit $29.95 with Free Shipping
Sheer Cover Starter Kit

Guthy Renker Corporation

If you just want to try an individual item, there is a decent selection of individual items on eBay - see all of the listings at Discount Sheer Cover.

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Sheer Cover Makeup
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