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Bare Minerals Blush

Bare Minerals Blush has the same basic ingredients as bare minerals make-up and comes in a variety of colors.

They are soft radiant shades - no clown cheeks here! It takes such a small amount - one container will last for years.

Bare Minerals Blush

Use the Bare Escentuals Blush to finish your face with a soft radiant glow. Can be used with any other cosmetics.

If your skin tends to be oily or your blush color does not last the day, try applying the blush with more intensity and then use a light cover of Mineral Veil.

Best sellers are Thistle and Beauty. Sorbet is very light and suited best for very fair skin.
bareMinerals Blush Amused Amused
(rose wine)
Cool and intense mauve/pink - best suited for medium to dark skin tones
bareMinerals Blush Beauty Beauty
(blushed pink)

Cool and soft true pink - good for all cool skin tones
bareMinerals Blush Dusk Dusk
(flush taupe)
Warm peach-pink - best for lighter to medium warm complexions
bareMinerals Blush Escape Escape
(berry pink)
Cool and intense berry - best suited for medium to dark skin tones
bareMinerals Blush Flowers Flowers
(bright rosy pink)
Cool bright true pink - great on all skin tones
bareMinerals Blush Fresh Fresh
(toasted caramel)
Warm medium intensity peach
bareMinerals Blush Golden Gate Golden Gate
(mauve lilac)
Cool mid-toned pink to peach blush - better for lighter skin tones, similar to but darker than Sorbet
bareMinerals Blush Heaven Heaven
(soft lavender)
Cool with shades of lilac and lavender. Looks great with purple shadow!
bareMinerals Blush Hint Hint
(warm pink)
Cool, medium pink with slight shimmer
bareMinerals Blush Laughter Laughter
(coral rose)
Neutral coral rose, medium intensity
bareMinerals Blush Lovely Lovely
(tawny rose)
Neutral medium peachy rose with slight shimmer
bareMinerals Blush Poppy Poppy
(peach brown)
Warm medium peachy brown
bareMinerals Blush Secret Secret
(deep mauve pink)
Cool medium true mauve/pink - more pink
bareMinerals Blush Sorbet Sorbet
(ballet pink)
Neutral soft peachy pink - for lighter skin colors
bareMinerals Blush Thistle Thistle
(rose sand)
Cool medium mauvey rose - great everyday color for medium skin tones
More Colors Coming Soon!

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