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Suzanne Prochaska

Hi, my name is Suzanne.  Thanks for visiting Mineral Makeup Reviews.  Here is my story, in case you are wondering …

I am a Registered Nurse and a life long "beauty junkie".  As a true addict, I always have to try the latest and greatest cosmetics and skin care products!  I began using Mineral Makeup in 1998 and was absolutely thrilled that the adult acne I had been battling for years went away.  It turns out the foundations I was using to try and cover my acne was actually causing it!  It was like a miracle to me - to have a problem I had been fighting for so many years just vanish almost overnight.

Ever since then, when ever I "cave" and try a non-mineral foundation (Because it is the latest & greatest!) I always start breaking out again.  After a decade, I have finally learned that lesson....I think.

Thank you for visiting!    I created this website to help other women wade through the ever growing maze of mineral makeup.  I hope you enjoy your visit and find your "holy grail" in makeup!

If you are interested in what inspired me to start this site and how it came about, please read my story on my personal site - SuzanneProchaska.com

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