I look five years younger with Jane Iredale

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I look five years younger with Jane Iredale

by Anja Olsen
(Aberdeen, UK)

I've had problem skin my whole life, and even if most of it's cleared up, I've been left with scarred skin and uneven skintone. I used to be very paranoid about going out without wearing makeup and spent lots of time applying foundation, because I didn't like to look made up and wanted natural looking skin especially in daylight.

I started using Jane Iredale Pressed Powder about a year ago. I cannot believe the way my skin has turned around. My skin looks fresh and healthy and my skin's appearance even improves with the wear during the day. I have had numerous compliments asking me how my skin looks so well and fresh. I have not had a spot in a year, honestly! I love the way you can just apply it and it never looks like you're made up. Something I hate. I am 38 and find that using this makeup has made me look 5 years younger. It is truly an awesome product and it does exactly what it says on the tin! I believe that once people really discover the benefits of mineral makeup, foundation as we know it, will be off the shelves. I even find myself preaching about its benefits to unknowing strangers at the makeup counter.

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