Mineral Hygienics Hides my rosacea!

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Mineral Hygienics Hides my rosacea!

Yes, it does! I have minor to medium case of rosacea on my nose and cheeks, plus related acne in those places and on my chin. I use the green blemish cover-up under the foundation, then if necessary use the cool kiss bronzer to even it out, and when I'm really dressing up I finish with the translucent enhancer. Yep, it stays on all day. Nope, it doesn't come off on stuff. People are amazed when I tell them I have rosacea - can't see it. Also love the blush, and I'm going back to get eye shadow next. I so appreciate the minimum of ingredients especially since what we put on our skin goes straight into our bloodstream and then to our organs without the added benefit of digestion that we get from what we eat. There is truth to the saying "Don't put on your skin what you wouldn't eat!" Now I wouldn't choose to eat this make-up :o) But I don't think it would hurt me if I did!

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