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Mineral Hygienics - I'll never use anything else

by Donna
(Bettendorf, IA, USA)

I had used Bare Minerals for 8 years but when I would get the least bit sweaty it would itch. I decided to try Mineral Hygienics because of the reviews. I have been using it for about a year now & will never use anything else. Mineral makeup is more convenient for me & provides the coverage I need (I am 64). I use the whole line of, concealer, enhancer & sheer perfection. You'll love this one!

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Mineral Hygienics Review: Great Coverage That Lasts

by Carol

I highly recommend Mineral Hygienics. I can't wear anything with bismuth in it. This mineral foundation only has 4 ingredients. I love the coverage. It LASTS! I've slept in it and woke up to find the minerals still covering everything. I won't use anything else.

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Learning Curve

I received my kit this week and the green blemish cover. There is a bit of a learning curve getting used to the application. And it does take some time to build the coverage layer by layer. However, the coverage is GOOD. Not as full as the Revlon Colorstay, but it truly feels like I am not wearing makeup and with time I think it will improve my skin. (I have blemishes and old scars so I need full coverage.) The first day, I wore the makeup to bed to see if I was oily (as I usually am, without makeup) in the morning. NOT OILY! This in itself was amazing. And the makeup actually still looked good. I think it looks better the longer you have it on. When I removed the makeup (which comes off very easily with cleanser and witch hazel--With Revlon I have to use Pond's AND a cleanser AND witch hazel) my skin looked smoother to me. I think the key is to build your coverage and then to let the makeup "set" and mix with your skin oils for maybe 30 minutes to an hour and THEN evaluate.

I have had some breaking out but it's hard to say what that's from with a stressful week and some picking and still using the Revlon some. Bare Escentuals made me itch. Mineral Hygienics does not contain Bismuth something or other which causes itching. It does seem to dry me out a bit, so I am going to exchange the matte primer (for oily skin) for their regular translucent primer. They offer a money back guarantee on the starter kit PLUS free exchanges on ANY products. I'm not certain if I will stick with them, but I sure hope it works out because the liquid foundation feels like I'm suffocating my skin with a plaster mask!

Shipping was really fast. They sent it Priority instead of First Class. I was hoping to maybe get it by Friday and it came Thursday! Yes the powder is a bit messy. I guess this is so with all the MMU.


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Mineral Hygienics Review - Looks & Feels Great

Had used Bare Minerals, but it irritated my skin. I have combination skin and Mineral Hygienics does a nice job of making my skin look matte and hiding my redness. It feels very silky on my face.

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mineral hygienics: i love this stuff

hi, i have been using mineral hygienics for over a year now. i had used bare minerals before finding it but it irritated my skin. i use the medium kit about 3 to 5 times a week. i am 24 yrs old and i have sensative skin. mineral hygienics never irritates my skin or clogs my pores. i have even slept in it and had i wanted the makeup would have looked just as good the next day. just as an fyi i wash my face in baking soda every day and it keeps my skin clear.

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