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Philosophy cosmetics are not as popular or as well know as their skin care or bath and body products, but they do have a small selection of color cosmetics, including a mineral makeup foundation and blush. Their cosmetics are very high quality and have many happy and loyal users.

philosophy supernatural makeup

The philosophy makeup line up includes:
philosophy mineral makeup which has the innovative It provides a brushless application of mineral makeup with a sponge applicator and a mirror on the top of the container.

Supernatural Primer is called Philosophy The Supernatural Poreless, Flawless and it has an SPF of 15. It is a tinted makeup primer that can also be used alone as a tinted oil-free moisturizer.

philosophy the present makeup primer is called a "clear makeup" and it can be worn either under foundation as a primer or alone.

Supernatural Airbrush Blush is a mineral blush that also has the sponge applicator.

Supernatural Concealer is, in my opinion, the best concealer on the planet. I will not be without it. It is very creamy, but is completely weightless, so it leaves no texture behind. I use it everyday under my eyes and it brightens them up and does not emphasize the wrinkles. I have used it almost everyday for over 2 years. I know it seem like a lot to pay for concealer, but one lasts me for about a year - so actually its not so bad. Here is my full review that I wrote on The Beauty Blog - philosophy supernatural concealer review.

Supernatural Lipgloss - philosophy has a nice selection of lip glosses.

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