Question About Bare Minerals Foundation, over 50

by Marie
(Scottsdale, Az)

Marie asked this question about Bare Minerals Foundation:
I have dark age spots that have developed on my cheeks over the last 5 years. Not sure that the BE coverage was good enough, but could be I was doing something wrong, although I followed the DVD directions.

Also, I wore it for more than 12 hours, and towards the last couple of hours it felt like some had "migrated" into my eyes as they were feeling full of grit. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue?

My skin is fairly dry, and I did put a moisturizer on underneath and then waited for it to absorb before applying the makeup. On my nose, at the end of the day, I was very easily able to wipe the powder off on my finger, which made it feel like I had a grease slick under my skin that had lifted the powder, even though the moisturizer I use is not heavy. Previously, I had used Revlon's Colorstay, and I think I'm used to the idea of it staying on my skin until I remove it. I even work out in it, and I am afraid that the BE would leave streak marks on my skin with how easily it came off on my finger from my nose, but will have to give it the opportunity to prove me wrong since I have read about people swimming in it without it washing off. I want to give my eyes a break for a couple of days before retrying as they still feel gritty this morning. Will re-review then, but am concerned over damage to my corneas if the powder keeps getting in my eyes and potentially scratching them.

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Feb 11, 2012
age spots
by: Anonymous

I'm preparing to purchase the bare minerals make-up for the first time. I'm 52 years old, and do have age spots on my lower cheecks. Its there a product offered throught Bare Minerals that will cover up these spots? they aren't very dark, but they are there for sure. I also have reddish undertoned skin around my eyes, especially my eyelids, I'm guessing I need to use a concealer for that area. Is there a product for that as well that I may need to purchase? Thank you.

Hi - Most people get great results using Bare Escentual's Bisque as a concealer under their foundation. Alternatively, you can also try concealing those areas with more foundation after your initial application.
For your eye area, Well Rested is
awesome! Here is a great Well Rested Review


Oct 09, 2007
Bare Minerals Application Tips
by: Suzanne

Hi Marie -
The most common mistake people make with mineral makeup is using too much product - way too much sometimes. I think it takes about a week or two of daily use to get the amount and application down pat.

For your dark places, you can cover it before your foundation with foundation or bisque. You can also get a heavier coverage by applying the foundation wet by LIGHTLY misting your brush with water after you have "swirled and tapped".
Also make sure you are buffing - really, really buffing. It is the buffing that warms the minerals up to your skin temperature and melts them onto your face.

Are you using Mineral Veil after your foundation? It should keep your minerals in place all day, or you can reapply it throughout the day as needed.
I have very sensitive eyes and have never had a problem with minerals - again, I suspect you may be using too much.

Hopefully other visitors will jump in with their comments and suggestions!

Good Luck!



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