Sheer Cover Review: You'll be amazed!

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Sheer Cover Review: You'll be amazed!

by Kasey
(Saint Albans, WV)

I love Sheer Cover. I was skeptical about this product, but I gave it a chance. I'm glad I did! I saw SO many bad reviews because they thought it was going to be MAGIC! NEVER expect something to be magic, because it won't be and that's when you get disappointed and then you can't enjoy the product anymore.

Let's get down to business.
Base Perfecter : Feels amazing on the skin and makes it feel so nice.
Duo concealer : I love that it is cream. My face doesn't like liquid make-up.
It covers red spots VERY well, but you have to lay it on a little thick for darker spots.
Concealer brush : I use it to apply to spots then I melt the concealer with my fingers into my skin. The brush isn't bad nor amazing. It's perfectly fine.
Mineral foundation : Goes on very nicely. I like that you can mix to fit your own shade because sometimes I tan a lot then go a while without tanning, so I can adjust when I need. Does not cake up on my face. Gives a good finish.
Foundation brush : Very rough. I would personally just buy a different one, but if you want this one works fine, too.
Bronzer : VERY dark and shimmery. You have to be VERY careful of how you put this one. (I use the blush all over my face. It works much better than the bronzer. I wash my face a lot so it's more pale than the rest of me. The shade of blush they give you should be a dark but natural color and it personally works best for me to give me a "tan" look.)
Ultimate Make-over Kit : I absolutely LOVE the lip-gloss. there's a nice pink color for brighter looks, and a nice caramel color for more natural/matte looks. The blush is a wonderful shade. The eye shadows go on well, and mix well together to get a natural AND smokey look.
Mascara : I was reading that the mascara was poor and clumped, but the mascara is a good formula, it's the brush that makes it clump. Find an old bottle of mascara or any bottle with a brush that you liked. Clean the brush and use it with THIS mascara. I use a Maybelline Stiletto Mascara brush.

So, all-in-all, you just really have to experiment. Learn how much to use and were on your face and how to alter this product to your needs and you will be VERY pleased. Remember it isn't magic, but it DOES work. I've fallen in love.

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