Thumbs Down to Revlon ColorStay Minerals

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Thumbs Down to Revlon ColorStay Minerals

by Cori

I had to try this, as before my mineral days I luv'd their colorstay liquid.

Let's just stay they should have stuck to liquid. The first thing I noticed was that it was EXTREMELY talcumy (haaahaaa is that a word) It was really fine tho... and my kabuki seemed to wick it up. It did give my face a nice matte look.. but it didn't last, and it seemed to make me produce more oil :(

Another thing was the packaging. It was a clever idea, but didn't work well at all!!! The brush was hard and you either got no powder on it with the twisty motion, or it became coated. Just no happy medium.

As I mentioned in another review, I ended up mixing this 50/50 with the Avon minerals just so both weren't a waste.

I seek full coverage & long lasting without making me oily. This was not that.

**Note, I've never been a fan on the drug store brands**

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